Step into the world of ease and joy with Babyzen at Baby Central HK. Offering premium products like the Babyzen YOYO² stroller with multiple quality accessories like the Babyzen rain cover, Babyzen board, and Babyzen YOYO sunshade, we cater to all your baby's outdoor needs. Experience uncompromised safety, unparalleled convenience, and excellent customer service. For busy mothers seeking affordable, quality solutions, Babyzen at Baby Central HK is the answer. Enjoy happy, easy strolling with us!
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Babyzen - Happy, easy strolling!

Embrace the joy of parenting with Babyzen, the esteemed French brand that has been delivering simplicity and convenience to mothers across the globe since 2009. Rooted in the ambition to create user-friendly strollers, Babyzen revolutionized the industry with their ultra-compact and evolutionary stroller, the YOYO².

In 2012, the Babyzen YOYO² was launched - a stroller that caters perfectly to the needs of on-the-go parents, combining lightweight design with top-of-the-line safety features. In December 2021, the brand's fame grew further as it was acquired by the renowned Norwegian company Stokke AS, known for its premium baby products.

Babyzen prides itself on its iconic Babyzen YOYO² stroller, but the innovation doesn't stop there. The Babyzen rain cover, Babyzen board, and Babyzen YOYO sunshade are among other premium products designed to make every outdoor adventure with your baby enjoyable, safe, and memorable.


Babyzen - Smart strolls!

At Baby Central HK, we understand that, as a mom, you want only the best for your baby. You need products that are not only safe and reliable but also offer convenience and ease. That's where Babyzen products come into play, with their Babyzen YOYO2 that can be either a stroller or a pram.

Safety First: Babyzen products are built with the highest safety standards. The strollers are lightweight yet robust, ensuring your baby is always secure on your adventures.


Compact and Convenient:

The YOYO² strollers are ultra-compact, making them perfect for busy urban moms on the go. You can fold and unfold them in a matter of seconds. This feature, paired with their lightweight design, ensures hassle-free transportation.


Complete Accessories:

Alongside the renowned strollers, Babyzen offers a range of useful accessories, including the Babyzen rain cover for those unexpected showers, the Babyzen board for an extra fun ride for your toddler, and the Babyzen YOYO sunshade to protect your baby from harmful UV rays.



We understand that raising a child can be expensive. At Baby Central HK, we provide Babyzen products at competitive prices without compromising on quality.


So, for a happy, easy strolling experience, choose Babyzen products from Baby Central HK. Our range ensures that you and your baby can enjoy every journey, big or small, with safety, convenience, and joy. Welcome to the happy world of Babyzen!