Headphones for Kids

  Discover an excellent range of headphones for children at Baby Central that combine safety, fun and comfort in one. Our premium collection includes headphones designed specially for young ears, ensuring they deliver crystal clear sound at safe volumes. Every child, be it toddlers to   Discover an excellent range of headphones for children at Baby Central that combine Read More
Headphones for Kids
Headphones for Kids
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Kid-Safe Volume Limiting Headphones

In our collection, we stress the utmost importance of safety features. Many headphones in our range are volume-limited to protect children's hearing. These kid-friendly headphones are built to ensure the sound is not too loud for the little listeners. The maximum volume output is typically limited to 85dB, which is the recommended safe limit by the World Health Organisation.

Wireless Headphones for Kids

We also stock an array of wireless kid's headphones that enable freedom and flexibility. These Bluetooth headphones allow your child to move freely without the constraints of a cord. They are easy to pair with modern devices and provide an optimal listening experience. This also makes them perfect for travelling as they prevent any potential wire entangling.

Durable and Comfortable Designs


When it comes to children's headphones, durability is a key criterion. Our range of kid-friendly headphones is made to withstand all the wear and tear that children can put them through. From robust construction to flexible headbands, they are designed to survive the often boisterous behaviour of kids.


While durability is fundamental, comfort should not be compromised. That's why our headphones offer soft padded ear cups and adjustable bands to deliver a comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes. So youngsters can enjoy their favourite tunes or educational podcasts for prolonged periods without any discomfort.

Vivid Colours and Fun Patterns

No kid's headphone would be complete without a splash of colour and fun. Whether it's their favourite cartoon character or a simple vibrant colour, we have all options covered. Shop for colourful headphones that your child will proudly wear and show off to their friends. Therefore, whether it's for home use, long car rides, or flights, we make the quest for the perfect kids headphones simple and effortless. Navigate through our online catalog to find high-quality headphones functions, safety, comfort, and style. Shop with Baby Central, where we value your child's hearing as much as you do.