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Splash About, makers of the world's most popular reusable swim diaper the "Happy Nappy", are the go-to brand of baby swim products for parents looking for quality and durability. From sun protection to warm water products Splash About makes swimming with infants both fun and Splash About, makers of the world's most popular reusable swim diaper the "Happy Read More
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Splah About - Leaders in baby swimming products

Splash About International Limited is the leading manufacturer of baby swimming products worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in designing and inventing many of the swimming products now taken for granted and used every day in swimming pools all over the world. Splash About have developed an extensive range of sun protection and warm water products so that babies and children have the greatest and safest access to sun and sea.

Splash About's neoprene based wear is designed for ease of use and comfort in chilly water, whether that is on a beach or in a pool; meaning babies and toddlers can stay and learn, or simply play for longer. Their specialist UV sun wear, ensures complete sun protection when and where you need it most even at Midday!

Happy Nappy - you's must have swim nappy

Splash About are also the makers of the Happy Nappy, a reusable swim nappy that is insisted on by many top baby swim schools in you.  Easy to use and care for the Happy Nappy is made of 1 mm thick high quality Neoprene for both warmth and leak protection.   Once baby has finished swimming, simply rinse, roll and reuse.

Happy Nappy and Splash About range available with Reliable to you

Decided last minute to take baby for a swim? No problem!  Baby Central offers Reliable on a large selection of the Splash About range.  All you need to do is select baby's favourite Happy Nappy and place your order.